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snoretext 3

up one
isn’t it
annan and
in an
in an
in an
an innocent
in an
in an
the moon and
in an
and if whoa
moon and
and he
i hung up
one of the hundreds of

***** watching the positioning of your feet and counting steps

… following the dots as if each is a footfall. This means I am
no longer pacing but walking, one foot directly in front of the
other, recreating the configurations that look like beads, rosary
beads in various stages of fulfillment – paths of prayers, prayers
are escapes…. These 50 prayer-like excursions involve watching
the positioning of your feet and counting steps. When you come
to a star, stop, look around, take snapshots from these different
vantages. You might assume that many of the snapshots will look
similar but there will be slight variations in perspective and lighting.
As you accustom yourself to these incremental changes your desire
for escape will either increase or decrease. An accumulation of
your visual souvenirs will re-create the situation, but only from
your particular elevation. Alternative routes through the same
area, indicated by smaller dots, are suitable for a companion, say, a
dog – though pets are not permitted in this hotel, especially during

– Rosaire Appel, New York City, USA

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snoretext 2

i picked up the gwen group
all wound
and as
and as
and as
soon to
and those
why because
when the if
this and this