@etkbooks twitterweek (20200822)

* Kunstobjekt im weiteren Sinne http://dlvr.it/Rf0TLp /@scearley @neubautenorg thanks. i will write them a note, anyway. maybe someone remembers or they have an archive of such things … Aug 19, 2020 / @scearley @neubautenorg no. i thought i tried it first this way … the frame by Delf Cadres d’Art is also quite a beauty … https://t.co/QIhgCGg9aL Aug 19, 2020 / new acquisition by james coignard (#jamescoignard) from a flea market. maybe mid seventies. looks a bit like a @neubautenorg logo prototype. would be great if someone could tell us the title/year … https://t.co/cbD83t0YEC Aug 19, 2020 / * Die zärtlichen Schwestern https://t.co/GRhcQTJWNJ https://t.co/UXJDXlMZ8e Aug 19, 2020 / new title / aaaa press: Potus Corpus , doi: 10.17436/etk.a.031, https://t.co/O1dPtBzQGw https://t.co/MGoO8wxZSu Aug 17, 2020 /

(i will write them a note, anyway.)